Best City: Melbourne, Vic



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  • Melbournite says:

    Top choice!
    Climate not ideal? The changing weather is always welcome….there’s far colder places (in Australia and around the world) than Melbourne’s winter…AND Sydney & Brisbane get more than twice the rainfall per year. Climate is ideal!

  • mudasser says:

    how to jo

  • Noel says:

    If someone were to ask me from overseas,what city should they visit,I would have to nominate Sydney.
    However,personally Melbourne is more attractive to me.
    I like trams.looking at them and travelling on them and Melbourne has a free service that takes you around the CBD..
    The streets of this city have many magnificent buildings from yesteryear and beautiful gardens on it’s boundaries and many of the streets are lined with trees.
    It possibly has the best shops of any of our cities and restaurants too, for that matter.
    Also, there are the narrow lanes and streets and one particular outstanding arcade,going back to it’s early days.
    Melbourne was fortunate,that gold was found in abundance not all that far away and helped fund the grand buildings that were constructed.
    Melbourne has an opulence that still exists and you can feel it as you walk around.
    For sport lovers,particularly Aussie Rules Footy,Tennis and Racing there is no better place to be when major events in these categories occur.
    Sydney hits you instantly with it’s scenery and vitality,whereas Melbourne is a little more sedate and grows on you slowly.
    One could say it is the most elegant city in Australia.

  • Jules says:

    Melbourne the best city in Australia ….. nah! It has the worst climate by far.

  • I had been to Melbourne in 2013 ans totally loved my time.

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