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Leave your plastic bags at home and embrace country life at its best at the Birregurra Weekend Festival and Art Show this October. 

It’s not unusual if you’ve never heard of Birregurra. It is a one-pub town located 30 minutes from Victoria’s Great Ocean Road and is home to slightly over 500 residents.

But if you have heard of it, you may know it as Victoria’s first “plastic bag free town”, or as the host of the inaugural Birregurra Weekend Festival and Art Show.

This year the festival is being held from the 10th to the 12th of October, when thousands of visitors will descend on the town to celebrate the country lifestyle.

The weekend gives visitors a chance to have a taste of country life, literally. Birregurra Olives, ice cream, Red Duck Beer and Apostle Whey Cheese are all on offer, while visitors can also get their hands on organic vegetables, country cakes and other goods from the Birregurra General Store.

Once you can’t stomach any more (food, that is), be entertained by performers, musicians or take a look at the art and craft displays.

For details phone (03) 5236 2486.

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