Unspoilt Bridgewater Bay on Victoria’s wild south coast comes in at number 82 on Australian Traveller’s ‘100 amazing places you haven’t been to yet‘. Nominated by: Simon Griffiths, interiors photographer

It can get wild and windy on Victoria’s southern coast but photographer Simon Griffiths nominates Bridgewater as an amazing getaway.

“It has the most incredible, unspoilt beach,” explains Griffiths. “It’s a bit off the beaten track and it’s a dog beach. We take our two whippets and spend the whole day there. There’s also a fantastic little rustic café, the Bridgewater Bay Café, right on the beach.”

“They do great fish and chips in the evening. If you feel like a sundowner, it’s even licensed.”

Rugged coastal cliffs rim the perfect curve of the bay; the water is a deep, deep blue and “there are fantastic walks – you can walk for hours”.

It’s about four kilometres to the Blow Holes, or you can drive there. Check out the rockpools and watch out for fur seals, which make their homes in the caves. “It’s also worth having a look at the historic Cape Nelson Lighthouse,” suggests Simon.

There’s a café in the old bluestone stables and you can even stay in the lighthouse cottages. In summer, blue whales are sighted off this coast and in winter southern right and humpback whales. “You can also stay in Portland; it’s about a 10-minute drive,” says Simon.

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