Explore Daylesford: arguably Victoria's best town



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  • ANNA says:

    I agree with your post about the beauty of Daylesford. Daylesford lake Villas are actually located directly across the lake from the photo you are showing… we could see straight across too ! However do you know that the famous boathouse was burnt down about a year ago and is not there now?

  • Susie says:

    Daylesford has fabulous views, the beautiful lake, wonderful fresh food, local markets, wineries, a cidery, amazing shops but most of all it has the most amazing mix of people visiting and living there. I am always people watching in Daylesford and it never disappoints. You may never know who you are sitting next to in a cafe, bar or coffee shop but it seems the more folk I speak to the more interesting the general population becomes. Take some time out to visit and you will see what I mean.

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