Aboriginals have called the extensive rugged ranges around Halls Gap in western Victoria home for at least 5000 years. Resting in the middle of the Grampians Geriwerd National Park and with views of some of the country’s most dramatic scenery, Halls Gap is a town steeped in adventure and culture. A short drive down the main road fetches you up at Brambuk, the longest-running Aboriginal centre in Australia, shared between the five local Aboriginal communities of the region.

There are amazing walks into the national park from here, where hidden caves filled with ancient art can be seen. The ranges flanking Halls Gap offer grand views of the town nestled in the centre of the valley, beside a deep lake with schools of fish waiting to be tempted by a dipping line or two. In spring, Halls Gap comes alive with colour from the thousands of wildflowers that grow in the Grampians.

AT Reader Steve Draper also recommends the Halls Gap YHA for its eco-credentials. “It’s completely powered by solar panels and the hot water is provided using solar energy also. Rainwater is collected in several large tanks and used throughout the hostel and non-drinking water is recycled. Buckets are even left in the bathrooms to encourage people to collect their shower water and pour it on the plants. You can’t do much better than this when it comes to green travel!”

Where? // 262kms (3hrs) northwest of Melbourne.

Did you know? //
One of the most important Aboriginal rock art sites is near Halls Gap. Known as Bunjil’s Shelter, the artwork is of Bunjil the creator of the Earth.


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