After a long day of exploring the Great Ocean Road, rest your weary feet at the new Bothfeet Walking Lodge.

Trekking to relaxation 

After a long day of exploring the Great Ocean Road, rest your weary feet at the new Bothfeet Walking Lodge.  

Back in the day, to visit places like the Twelve Apostles and Apollo Bay, your best bet was to drive along the Great Ocean Road and hang your head out the car window. But now we’ve got the option of walking it with Bothfeet, a top Victorian-based tour company.

There’s no doubt trekking along the Great Ocean Walk can be tiring, though, so Bothfeet is proud to present the opening of the first phase of its Bothfeet Walking Lodge on the Great Ocean Road.

The four star lodge will open in September this year, offering exclusive luxury to Bothfeet guests after a long day of hiking. The first phase of development will accommodate up to ten people when five double bedrooms with ensuites are opened. The place will also feature a dining hall, commercial kitchen and reception office. Bothfeet Walking Lodge also accommodates for solo travellers, as bedrooms can be divided into two separate rooms using a clever partitioning system.

By September 2009, the Lodge will be completed and up 20 people will be able to stay, as well as swim in a newly installed spring-fed swimming pool formed from natural rocks. They’ll also be able to unwind in the massage room and foot spa. It’ll also have a new fully expanded dining space allowing guests to enjoy delicious meals created by local chefs using only the finest local produce and wines to be served out of the full restaurant kitchen.

The Lodge is located just over one kilometre from the coast within ten acres of rainforest. It’s been designed using a state-of-the-art lightweight modular system ensuring that all materials are ecologically sustainable. Plus, the Lodge is intended to remain “semi-permanent”, so that it can be dismantled at any time.

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