Experience No.077 in Australian Traveller Magazine’s 100 Greatest Australian Gourmet Experiences.
If you hang around cheese nuts long enough, there are a few names that will always turn up. Milawa Cheese Company is one.

Back when extra mature Cracker Barrel on a Jatz was dead posh, David Brown bought the old Milawa Butter Factory and had the crazy idea to produce specialist artisan cheeses for people who knew a ewe from a cow. Landing in the old butter factory in 1988, Brown converted the old gumboot store into living quarters and his mate started making not just cheese, but real cheese that smells and oozes.

“Well above average for a commercial cheese.” – Peter Russell-Clarke

The first three cheeses produced are still considered the signatures of the Milawa Cheese Company. The first was a blue perfect for ripe pear that Brown models on his holidaying in Northern Italy. Then the two massively awarded King River Gold and Milawa Gold followed. Both are washed rind cows milk cheeses that truly reflect the conditions and milk of the season – so one year can be better than the next.

The King River Gold is a less intense and “beginner” washed rind, while the Milawa Gold is the more gutsy pong monster we all love. And the experience doesn’t end with the cheeses. Onsite there’s now an artisan sourdough baker, cafe and restaurant.

Set in the gourmet beauty of the Kings Valley around the corner from Brown Brothers, the Milawa Cheese Company is a complete gourmet experience.

Did you know: In 2005 the British Cheese Board commissioned a study to investigate the connection between nightmares and cheese; it found one between cheese and vivid dreams, and more interestingly, that types of cheese produce specific dreams. For example, cheddar made people dream of celebrities.

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