Where is it? Near Falls Creek, 375km north-east of Melbourne

How to see it for yourself?

By car, follow Bogong High Plains Road from Falls Creek towards Omeo – the road is sealed  but closes during the winter season, so be prepared. Follow the road for about 7.5km and park at the signposted entrance. From there it is an easy 750m walk to the hut.

Why I love it

“This photograph celebrates an era of legends, when cattlemen roamed the high country of Australia’s southern range. This hut was one of the men’s old ramshackle resting places. It is captured here in the first light of morning between the spreading snow gums, a scene both of beauty and nostalgia. The good sense of those days is highlighted by the horrendous fires which now so often threaten these protected places. The cattle which once kept the undergrowth in check are gone. Many people (myself included) believe they should now be allowed back.” – Ken Duncan

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