For such a small town, Rutherglen is a wine-making giant. But this is not a one-stop, one-drop town. Here are 6 things you should do and know

The history of the Rutherglen wine region goes back to the late 1850s when Lindsay Brown planted his four-acre vineyard as the Gold Rush drew prospectors to the area. He’s been credited with saying: “Dig gentlemen dig, but no deeper than six inches, for there is more gold to be won from the top six inches than from all of the depths below.”

Thirty years later, Rutherglen was considered a wine power with some of the largest estates in the world. Many are still flourishing today, including Morris, Chambers Rosewood, All Saints Estate, Campbells, and Stanton & Killeen.

But it’s not a one-stop, one-drop town. Here are 6 things you should do and know about Rutherglen.

1. Feel the pride

Save time to explore the township of Rutherglen where the welcome sign ‘Sydney may have a nice harbour, but Rutherglen has a Great Port’ gives some indication of how proud the region is of its fortified wines.

2. Walk the Golden Street

A cairn marks the spot where gold was found in the 1860s in what is now Main Street and the town still retains much of its Victorian architecture and outback country town charm.

3. The wine begins here

The Rutherglen Wine Experience and Visitor Information Centre, built in 1862 as a drapery, is a great place to start. As well as terrific advice you’ll find an array of local produce, wines and souvenirs.

4. Walk back in time

Pick up a self-guided historical walking tour brochure that includes the 1872 Common School Museum and 1864 St Stephen’s Rectory, as well as several gold-era Victorian pubs.

5. Murray to the mountains cycle

You can also rent bicycles and helmets here to explore the wineries via the Murray to the Mountains rail trail.

6. Olive some of those, thanks

And if you need a break from wine tasting, Gooramadda and Wicked Virgin offer olives, olive oils and various tapenades just outside of town.

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