These blue stones have seen it all: built in 1864, the Old Melbourne Gaol was the scene of 135 hangings, the most famous being of bushranger Ned Kelly in 1880. It’s one of Melbourne’s oldest surviving buildings, and was Victoria’s first gaol.

With many a tale of murder and misdeed, a tour of the Gaol is a must on any visit to Melbourne, including the candlelit night tour with spooky feelings thrown in. There are plenty of death masks on display, and you’re given a vivid understanding of the horrible conditions in which prisoners were kept.


“A brilliant tour due to its remarkable guides. They paint a picture so clear, I still get chills just thinking about that place.”
– Catriona Rowntree


Did you know?

Thieves stole the skull of Ned Kelly in 1978. It has not yet been returned to the Gaol.

How to get there

Qantas and Virgin Blue offer frequent daily flights to Melbourne from most major cities in Australia.

Old Melbourne Gaol is situated on Russell Street, between Victoria & Latrobe Streets.

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