Experience No.088 in Australian Traveller Magazine’s 100 Greatest Australian Gourmet Experiences.
If Melbourne is the coffee capital of Australia, then Carlton’s Seven Seeds is the country’s esteemed High Court.

Coffee nut (or geek, to use the preferred nomenclature) Mark Dundon has established his homage to the humble coffee bean in an oh-so-Melbourne warehouse converted to his exact specifications. The cafe cum roasting, research and tasting centre is a mellow and golden oasis in a drab corner of Carlton.

As you walk in off the street, the warehouse space opens to a sparse and roomy stockroom floor where no elbowing your neighbour is required and every conversation is private.

The coffee comes in many varieties and styles, with the cult icon Clover machine producing a very tea-like coffee.

The accompanying food is simple “toasties” for breakfast and lunch, designed not to distract or detract from the real purpose of life inside those walls: coffee.

Mark runs several educational congregations in the cupping room, where the mere quaffer of coffee can learn more about every part of the process, from picking, roasting and transportation through to tasting.

You’ll never look at a flat white in the same way again.

Where: 106 Berkeley St, Carlton Vic. (03) 9347 8664, www.sevenseeds.com.au


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Did you know: The US$11,000 Clover coffee machine brews one cup at a time. Many serious roasters set a different water temperature, brew time and cup volume for each roast of each bean.

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