Movida Next Door: Australia's Most Expensive Tapas?



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  • Nombre numero1 says:

    Movida Next Door is worth the cash for the best tapas in Australia.

    Unfortunately Melbourne service is going the way of Paris- unfriendly and marginally insulting.

    Still it is far superior to the oil soaked, over garlicked, un fresh and unsophisticated stuff that passes for Tapas in the Spanish Qtr of Sydney!

  • Roberta Muir says:

    Unless I’ve missed it you don’t say how many people the $280 fed … if it was 4 of you, say, then $70/head for what it seems turned out to be a lot of food and drink ( “…we order more. Much more…”) of this calibre sounds like excellent value to me. How many prawns did you think you’d get for $3.50 … did you really expect “a cauldron of spluttering, sizzly, prawny goodness in that delicious spicy tomato sauce” for $3.50 (maybe in a third world country … but surely not in Australia).
    $10 spent on bad food is $10 wasted … $100 spent on great food is a bargain!

  • Brad Pearce says:

    I cant believe this article was written by a travel writer, if it was the speciality must be “Backpacking” as No2 wrote “how many prawns were you expecting for $3.50” I am surprised they only charge $3.50 each as the cost to the restaurant would be $1.50. Maybe the writer should stick to Macca’s!

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