While on holiday, Rebecca Taylor hits the streets of Melbourne with her camera and falls in love with Victoria’s capital. As a photojournalism graduate, Rebecca trawled through the streets and laneways of Melbourne’s CBD while on holiday, capturing both the city’s gritty side and unique beauty.

I believe that everyone has a story to tell and I try to capture that through my lens.

These images were taken down on street level and I think they convey a bit of humanity without actually showing a human face. I guess I was trying to capture the character of Melbourne, as a city, but I don’t think I even scratched the surface there!

These images also reflect my tendency to take notice of the little details in life that may not appear very interesting from the outset but turn out to be extraordinarily interesting once you really consider them. Little things like a pair of tattered shoes twisted around a laneway light or the way the afternoon light paints everything gold. Both are equally thrilling to me.

I think sometimes we rush through life without actually appreciating what’s around us. It’s in our nature to be curious and it’s important to entertain that curiosity from time to time.

My advice is, if you think you’ve seen everything in Melbourne then look up”  – Rebecca Taylor

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