Amateur photographer, Ewan Arnolda, experiments with black and white photography to show the beauty behind his hometown at night , Melbourne.
Currently a web designer for the Salvation Army, Ewan fell in love with photography a few years ago when shooting stock images for his job. Since then, he has gained a particular interest in capturing landscapes and cityscapes.

“I always try to be different [with my images], but it’s easier said than done.
I never delete any of my photos; I believe every photo has potential. It may not look good at the time, but you may look at it later and see something you missed previously.
I try to do everything on camera and less in Photoshop, but in saying that I do love post production in Photoshop.”

“In these photos, I believe the stark black and white adds impact and provides a different perspective. It showcases Melbourne in a different light, instead of the usual colour shots you see. I wanted to capture Melbourne at night to show when the city really comes live.”

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