Taking cues from Abbotsford’s iconic vintage Skipping Girl sign to create the imaginary Kitty Burns persona, Biasol have brought playfulness and structure to this award-winning Yarra Bend cafe.

Having taken out the international cafe category in the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards in London and gold in the Melbourne Design Awards, Kitty Burns – with her soothing Yarra Bend hues and bright light – is already a classic.

Playing on the story of the beloved Abbotsford Skipping Girl Vinegar neon sign and the two girls upon whom it was supposedly modelled, Kitty Minogue and Bobby Burns, Biasol: Design Studio set about imagining a personality for the cafe that was both playful and structured.

Pitched roofs, lime-washed timbers and cladding give a feeling of sophistication without being too serious.

Cool mint accents, copper lights and living greenery gives the space a sense of serenity.

Principal designer Jean-Pierre Biasol says a backstory for the fictional Kitty Burns character was created by drawing inspiration from the history of the Skipping Girl:

“We visualised a character with split personalities, Kitty being the more playful of the two, while Burns executed discipline and severity.”

This is certainly one split personality that incites calm rather than chaos.

Details on Kitty Burns restaurant & bar:

Name: Kitty Burns
Address: 24 Acacia Place, Abbotsford, Vic
Website: kittyburns.com.au


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