Shannon Bennett wants to create food we can’t recreate at home. With the likes of Jamie, Nigella and Bill telling us gourmet feasts are as easy as one two three, Vue de monde’s smug “don’t even bother” takes a weight off every would-be cook’s shoulders. Leave the sweat and rising blood pressure to the latest contestants of Masterchef and allow the professionals at Vue de monde to do their job.

You don’t need to worry about missing a night of reality TV either; the busy open kitchen is in sight of all and sundry.

“Flashes of brilliant creativity. There’s no denying the passion in the place.” – Alla Wolf-Tasker

Melbourne’s answer to Tetsuya’s has a price tag to match, with five-course degustation dining starting at $150. Again, like Tetsuya’s, there’s no set menu, nor will you see any of the options. Instead, waiters with memories like elephants recite options verbatim, helping you cater a meal from the day’s “Menu Gourmand”.

Even as the name hints at a culinary “view of the world”, it’s Australia’s seasonal produce that gets a chic makeover in the kitchen, the chefs using French techniques to frou frou our local goods. The humble roo plates up as Charcuterie de Kangourou, while Western Plains pork comes “aux saveurs de la terres” (with flavours of the earth). Hopefully that’s French flavour; we don’t recall the dirt from Ballarat being particularly tasty.

Where: Normanby Chambers, 430 Little Collins St, Melbourne. (03) 9691 3888,

Did you know: Vue de monde’s brilliant chef Shannon Bennett maintains that he learned about work ethic through his first food-based job: working at McDonalds.


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