Driving along the delightfully scenic Great Ocean Road is the ultimate girls’ road trip, because the trip is peppered with wineries, cute B&Bs and gorgeous coastal lookouts. When it’s pumping, Bells Beach will make your heart stop as you watch surfers get pounded by the enormous waves. For some extra eye candy why not drop in at Easter-time to watch the pro-surfing tour’s Bells Beach Classic? 

Make sure to stop over in Apollo Bay. On one trip I discovered Beacon Point Ocean View Villas, self-catering apartments up in the hills which, as the name suggests, offer incredible views across rolling green hills out to sea. Beacon Point is next door to a charming old-school restaurant called Chris’s, where the founder still wanders around chatting to guests.

Sunrise over the awe-inspiring natural

phenomenon that is the Twelve (or should I say six) Apostles is out of this world. It might mean no late-night shenanigans the night before, but getting up early and meditating on the important things in life while the sun comes up is worth it – and you’ll be there before the worst of tourists buses arrive.

Where to stay

Take Zoe’s tip and head to Beacon Point Ocean View Villas (beaconpoint.com.au). If you feel like stretching your legs and going off-road for a few days, book a walk-and-stay package at Bothfeet Walking Lodge (pictured above). It offers two, three or five-night stays in a rainforest setting with days spent trekking stretches of beach, tea-tree forest and coastal cliffs between Apollo Bay and the Twelve Apostles for full immersion in to this diverse region (bothfeet.com.au).

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