Reader Review of the Good Food Room in Warburton Victoria – Australia

Good Food in Warburton

Good food isn’t enough for Victorian AT reader Alex Johnson. You need service, love and laughter to round out the package.

Alex Recommends…..
The Good Food Room
3414 Warburton Hwy, Warburton, Victoria. (03) 5966 2464
Open 9.30am – 9.30pm Thursday to Tuesday

I live in Warburton, in the upper Yarra Valley about an hour and half north of Melbourne. In our tiny town you’ll find, at the end of the main street, the most wonderful cafe and deli called The Good Food Room. Favourite foods available at the GFR include local Yarra Valley produce including Kennedy and Wilson Chocolate, imported cheeses, Spanish anchovies and amazing coffee.

Lee and Bee, the proprietors of The GFR, are respectively a sublime cook and a passionate coffee aficionado. They invite you to come and relax, slow down and enjoy the peace and quiet pace of Warburton warmth.

The locals love this place, filling the tables with the love and laughter that Bee and Lee bring to this beautiful town. The Ritzy set from Melbourne come up in their droves on weekends, wanting this and that, and all of it right now! It’s such a joy to watch Lee and Bee sending the rude ones packing. Have you ever seen a waitress ask a Mother to quieten their child? Fabulous.

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