Everything you need to know about the Voyages brand in Australia. From the staff at Australian Traveller magazine

Voyages are the operator who run all of the accommodation at Uluru (Ayers Rock). There are two main accommodation areas. Ayers Rock Resort and Longitude 131.

Ayers Rock Resort

Ayers Rock Resort is not one property. Rather it is a series of accommodation options in a large compound for visitors to the rock. Prices vary from $400-$500 a night for the most luxurious property down to about $50 a night for camping areas. The following accommodation options exists at Ayers Rock Resort.

  • Sails in the desert (approx $550 a night)
  • Desert Gardens Hotel (approx $500 a night)
  • Emu Walk Apartments (approx $500 a night)
  • The Lost Camel Hotel (approx $400 a night)
  • Outback Pioneer Hotel (approx $250 a night)
  • The Outback Pioneer Lodge (approx $50 a night)

Longitude 131°

Longitude 131° is an opulent desert camp located very close to Uluru. In fact it is the only accommodation around Uluru that allows you to see the rock from your bed.

When we say “desert camp” we use the term very loosely. It is more a permanent camp comprising 15 luxury safari style tents that radiate out from a central lounge area names “Dunes House”. The rooms are well appointed, and this is one of Australia’s most expensive resorts. And tent is not the right word to describe the accommodation. The only thing that these rooms share in common with a tent is perhaps a canvas roof. Beyond that the rooms are air conditioned, with timber floorboards, stunning balconies and every conceivable facility you would look for in a 5 star hotel. This property is a perennial favourite here at the Australian Traveller offices and prices are around $2,100 per couple per night.