Every time you go to see the highly unusual and slightly spooky Pinnacles in WA’s Nambung National Park, they look different.

They’re tall, jagged, limestone pillars that were buried under sand dunes for hundred of years before being exposed to the wind.

Currently there are more than 1000 of them, but new pillars are being exposed to the north, while those in the south are being consumed by new sand blows.

The landscape – some three hours north of Perth – lends itself to varied descriptions. To some the Pinnacles look like tombstones. To others, a forgotten army calcified. To others, they look sufficiently otherworldly to be how we imagine a Mars-scape might look.

“I admit to having had a Spinal Tap/Stonehenge flashback at the Pinnacles – but all was okay in the end.”
– Suzi Petkovski

However you view them, they make for a terrific photo opportunity, particularly in the early morning or at sunset. Try and visit the park from August to October, since the wildflowers are blooming during these months, providing vistas of wattle that stretch from horizon to horizon.

Did you know?
Nearby Cervantes is home to Thirsty Bay. And a few klicks further south you’ll find Hangover Bay. We wonder why . . . Incidentally, Hangover Bay has a white sandy beach, is excellent for snorkelling and surfing, and bottlenose dolphins and sea lions often visit.

How to get there
Qantas and Virgin Blue have regular flights to Perth from most major cities in Australia.

Nambung National Park is located on the Swan Coastal Plain, 245 km north of Perth. It is a 3-hour drive via the Brand Highway.

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Further information
Useful websites:

Department of Conservation and Land Management website with info on Nambung National Park
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