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You know you’re onto something when a Wall Street Journal travel journalist (and AT panellist) declares this the most moving trip he’s ever done. Daniel Scott’s exact words: “No journey I’ve done has felt as spiritual as this 2500-kilometre drive (and that’s saying something for an agnostic).” Whatever your religious persuasion, we’re confident you’ll agree: this road trip, which follows the path of the Dreamtime sea serpent as it snakes its way up the coast from Exmouth to Broome, visits some of the continent’s oldest parts. Swim waterholes, visit gorges and marvel at the greatness of it all. Scott’s highlight: “the chance to touch and feel the essence of rock in Karijini National Park which, at 2.7 billion years old, is more than half the age of the planet.” We’ll leave you with that thought. More info: Australia’s Northwest

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