Travel writer Fleur Bainger writes of Faraway Bay’s scrumptious seafood surroundings.

Being marooned 280 kilometres north-west of Kununurra on a remote bay is one thing; feasting on restaurant quality food is quite another. And at Faraway Bay, I had both. As a self-professed bush camp surrounded by Kimberley cliffs on the edge of WA, I didn’t expect it to be such a culinary experience, that’s until a freshly-caught ‘mangrove jack’ (better known as red snapper) was served.

At a single, communal dinner table beneath an open-air lodge, 11 other guests and I tucked in to its sweet, white flesh, sprinkled with local mango salsa. The table was covered in made-from-scratch food: a watermelon, mint and feta salad, crunchy spanakopita, steaming fish pie.

It was incredible what was produced from a rustic kitchen that has to wait for an ocean barge or light plane to bring in supplies. Almost as incredible as the view from the lodge’s cliff-top hammock, which overlooks a bay harbouring dugongs and crocodiles. I never wanted to leave. I even volunteered to work as an unpaid dishwasher, just so I could spend more time there. I suspect I am not the first.

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Faraway Bay is located on Australia’s Diamond Coast, Kununurra, WA; 0419 918 953

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