Ningaloo’s little sister: so much more than whale sharks


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Comments (7)
  • Coki Page says:

    that photo is not coral bay by the way

  • Max-Ann duffett says:

    not even coral bay in the photo Quiet clearly as we don’t have an island and the drive in from the main highway is 12km or from Exy 150km so don’t know where you got that from! But yes coral bay is amazing and should be higher on this list!

    • Editor says:

      Thanks Max-Ann for pointing it out – fixed now. And for the record (they are not ranked in order, only to set them apart. So they are all equal. Love Coral Bay!

  • Maree Jones says:

    Yes that is most definitely not coral bay

  • molly liddelow says:

    hello this is molly liddelow im 14 and my mum is maree she has lived in the bay for many years she knows it like it is on the tip of her finger i grew up thre and i miss swimming there everyday but i still got here every holidayy to vistit and to see my mum

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