We simply couldn’t go past Nain, the capital of the Principality of Hutt River, a 75km2 region in WA and Australia’s only Independent Sovereign State, having seceded in 1970 after the introduction of a wheat farming quota. Leonard George Casley, or His Royal Highness Prince Leonard the First, as he is now known, resides over Nain, which now has a population of 30 Europeans and about 150 Aboriginals from the Nandha Tribe, who continue to move around and so aren’t always present.

“Where else in Australia can you hold hands with an old Prince and not feel suss?” – MyPOWER Team

With its own passports, currency (pictured above is a Hutt River 20c note), postage stamps and national anthem, Nain is truly a place to be experienced. A visit to the Nain Post Office and the town’s other main building will offer fascinating insight into the history and culture of the principality. For activity, Nain’s local pool is open to the public and the local chapel displays an array of commissioned work by Australian artist Frank Pash. In fact, a collection of prized artwork can be found throughout Nain, including giant carved busts of HRH Leonard himself.

Where? // 516km (7.5hrs) north of Perth, 40km northwest of Northampton along Ogilvie Rd.

Did you know? // While a passport isn’t required to visit the principality, they’ll happily stamp yours for you. But if you plan to stay, BYO camping equipment and all necessities; Nain has a couple of caravans, limited amenities, and no shops to buy supplies.


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