“My favourite weekend destination is Port Gregory, WA. There’s nothing but a caravan park, a shop, holiday homes and the beautiful beach. There’s nothing better than getting up in the morning, having bacon and eggs, cleaning up, going for long walks on the beach solving all the problems of the world, coming back reading the daily paper, having lunch, then a nanna nap, another walk along the beach in the other direction, getting back for beer o’clock, having a BBQ and a few more drinkie poos, then off to bed and getting up to do it all over again. The secret is that we book as soon as we arrive for the next year as everyone else in the park seems to have the same secret.” AT reader Angela Duke, Geraldon WA

Waking up to a fresh sea breeze has to be the world’s best medicine, especially in a place where there’s only a population of 60 or so, beaches are isolated and quiet fishing spots are plentiful. What’s often referred to as a fisherman’s holiday area is simultaneously a kid friendly holiday spot, with calm coastal conditions protected by a 5km reef running parallel to the shore. Fancy a sail or a weekend of water-skiing? Port Gregory’s the place: these glassy waters were made for water sports. Beaches are big and massive dunes cascade onto the sandy strips. Kids go crazy for sand boarding. (If there’s no-one around, have a go yourself, and good luck.)

Crayfish season kicks off at the start of summer. If you’ve got a license, get into the waters and catch a couple – freshly prepared seafood and icy cold wine is hard to top.

Take action and explore the region; there’s more than fishing nooks and inviting bays. An interesting colonial history graces the area with Captain Sanford’s homestead and the remains of the convict hiring depot. Built over three years for the party of 60 convicts in the area, eighteen months after completion the remaining convicts were transported from Port Gregory to Champion Bay and so ended the short but active life of the hiring depot. The ruins remain for visitors to explore.

The pace of life here is slow, the people are laid back and if you want to get away from it all, it doesn’t get better than this.
Other things to do:


    • Wander through the Hutt River region – laced with great fishing and picnic spots.


    • Hutt Lagoon can’t be missed. The pink waters make for cool photographs. Nearby are garnet mines, which also give off a pink glow.



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    • Explore the sand dunes and wheat fields (originally farmed by Captain Sanford) along the long Port Gregory beach.


  • Walk around Utcha swamp, a nature reserve with isolated beaches worth exploring.


Details: Port Gregory
Midwest WA, an hour and a half from Geraldton.
What to take: Cocktail shaker. You can set up your own bar anywhere and sip on your much-needed drink. And for the active family, try and bring your own or borrow a friend’s ski boat. Water-skiing conditions are good
Contact: Northampton Visitors centre (08) 9934 1488
Where to stay: Lynton-on-Sea farm stays, 5km from Port Gregory, suits all budgets, (08) 9935 1040
Did you know: Good news for divers: six ships were wrecked on reefs off Port Gregory between 1853 and 1867. Happy snorkelling!

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