Denmark, where the forest meets the sea in southwest WA, is quietly establishing a quality wine region to challenge Margaret River. Parts of the legendary Bibbulmun Track pass through, and there’s the wonder of The Valley of the Giants, with its Tree-Top Walk 40m above the forest floor, through a canopy of 400-year-old trees.

“Australia’s Garden of Eden – idyllic, tranquil and abundant. Shhh!” – Ken Boundy

Just up the road is Dinosaur World, a favourite with kids and home to the only T-Rex in Australia. Nearby is peaceful Greens Pool (right), a mirror-smooth waterhole perfect for swimming and snorkelling. During low tide, retreating waves leave a ripple effect in the damp sands of Lights Beach, another popular swimming spot. And Denmark’s Visitor Centre is an attraction itself, hiding within it Bert Bolle’s remarkable Guinness Record-holding world’s largest barometer.

Where? // 421km (5hrs) southeast of Perth.

Did you know? // The Bert Bolle Barometer wasn’t built so it could be a “Big” anything. It’s a water barometer, not a mercury barometer, so it needs to stand 12m high in order for it operate.


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