Do you have a large amount of spare cash? Then hop into a chopper and do a spot of “heli-fishing.”

Do you have a large amount of spare cash? Then read on. An outfit called North Star Cruises runs a boat called True North, which motors around the Kimberley with an air-conditioned Bell 407 helicopter on board. If you saddle up for the 12-day Kimberley Wilderness Cruise from Broome to Wyndham, on Day Five you have the option of hopping into the chopper to “heli-fish” billabongs that could not possibly have been fished before, since a billabong is an ephemeral thing that only comes into existence after each Big Wet.

Here and all along the mighty Regent River the waters are alive with game fish. This on-board chopper opens up a range of possibilities – not least a special view of a Kimberley icon, the “Horizontal Falls”, a natural phenomenon caused by the region’s huge tidal range. Then there’s Montgomery Reef – 140 square miles of coral that rises from the ocean as the tide falls, exposing turtles, dugongs, manta rays and a lot besides. You just can’t see it in perspective any other way than via the chopper.

Where // The Kimberley region of northwest WA. The True North goes all over the Top End with a variety of packages, but if you want this billabong heli-fishing experience you need the 12-day Broome-Wyndham trip from $13,995 per person. (08) 9192 1829,

Did you know? // This same trip also affords a view of The Bradshaws, a mysterious site that predates all other examples of Aboriginal culture and may be the oldest art known to man.



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