While working on board a cruise ship, Mike Merrutia captures some of the Kimberley’s diverse landscapes.
As a professional navigating officer on ships, Mike gains access to some of the world’s best untouched scenery. When he visited the Kimberley, he was working on a cruise ship and guiding tourists on a two-week adventure.

“I work aboard vessels as a navigating officer however the particular job where I collected these images, I was also a guide to guests who travelled aboard the True North.

As a service to the guests, we would document their cruise and put together a slideshow of still images to take home and show their friends and family.

I especially enjoy photographing landscapes however if it’s infront of me and it looks good through my eyes, I photograph it in the hope that it looks equally as impressive through the lens. Most of the time it works out!

The Kimberley is a treasure to Australia and one which I believe should be accessible to all Australians.”

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