Watching whales. Never quite sounds as enthralling as it is, does it? But it gets even better when the whales are very close to shore and are in fact giving birth or helping junior through the first few weeks of life. In the middle of the Fitzgerald River National Park between Esperance and Albany in WA’s southeast, Southern Right Whales congregate to calve and rest. And this is only one of two places on the coast where you can see them consistently in large numbers with calves (the other is Head of Bight in SA). 


The number of whales spotted is huge by normal standards, with up to 40 close to shore, with humpbacks also seen further offshore as they zoom past on their migratory journey. The best place to see them is off Point Ann between July and October. The National Park itself is fascinating, with a great deal of flora found nowhere else in the world. Bremer Bay, the quaint town on the outskirts of the park, is the best place to set up home base for forays into the park.

WHERE // Point Ann is 65km east of Bremer Bay, 4WD recommended if you like your car unchipped. Bremer Bay is 540km southeast of Perth and 180km east of Albany.

DID YOU KNOW? // A Southern Right Whale calf will gain 90kg a day in their spring feeding as they race to put on blubber to insulate from the cold waters of Antarctica.

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