Ken Duncan shoots the Kimberleys



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  • Matthew says:

    if you’re heading the way of the kimberleys all i can say is enjoy this part of australia is the most beautiful i’ve seen
    now there are a few places ill keep to myself haha but worth planning your trip around is:
    tunnel creek which is down the road from windjana gorge where you can get up close with a few freshies
    el questro – do the walks to el questro falls/gorge (really fun as you walk up the river to the final swimming hole) and emma gorge
    leonard gorge is surprisingly big and worth the adventure leave some time though and you can do bells gorge after
    bungle bungle is essential
    there are heaps more and depends on what you like but the journey along the gibb river road and the kimberleys is something ill never forget
    oh and dont forget to just unwind at night star gazing you’ll definately spot a satellite or shooting star

  • Lindsay Robertson says:

    Do go on the trip to the horizontal waterfall it is a remarkable scene as well as a thrilling event.

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