After 16 years in the tourism industry, Chris Tate discovered a new love for photography with some award-winning results. Here he captures Rottnest Island off the WA coast. A self-proclaimed “obsessed photographer”, Chris is relatively new to the photography industry but has already had his work published in some tourism magazines.

He prefers wildlife photography, but also dabbles in landscape and portrait shots.

I like to convey the beauty of nature in my scenery images and generally try to include people for scale, movement and colour but they are not always available and I almost never pose people which ensures plenty of errors, retakes and missed opportunities.

I love Rotto [Rottnest Island] because there is no traffic noise or dangers, only push bikes and walking for visitors. I also love the casual ambience and magnificent beaches and bays around the island. Like most West Australians, I have been going there all my life – it is a photographer’s dream for scenery, wildlife, macro and people shots.

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