Could this be the year you finally embrace that masterpiece just waiting to flow out of your pen and straight onto the best-seller list?


The Writers Retreat in Hardys Bay

Settle in for the long haul then, somewhere beautiful and inspiring, just like The Writers Retreat in Hardys Bay, just 90 minutes north of Sydney and isolated enough to get rid of that writer’s block.

With a waterfront position and expansive bay views, this recently restored and renovated retreat is stylishly decorated, to preserve the perfect writer’s environment – and is also minutes from the beach, incase you need to go off in search of some inspiration.

Described as the “quintessential Australian holiday home”, the fishing cottage is split into two levels, and all rooms have floor to ceiling glass doors that open to an expansive deck that overlooks the water.

Discounts for writers

The home is open to all guests, however substantial discounts are available to writers and other creative people booking the house for four weeks or more.

Hardy’s Bay Writer’s Retreat.

Mount Lofty House in Adelaide

Garden-set Mount Lofty House in Adelaide is the perfect setting to nestle in and get that first book done – finally.

This home, which resembles something from Downton Abbey, offers a vast selection of rooms and fit-outs, including the House Original, Piccadilly Garden – and for a more ‘Lord of the house’ feel, you can even book one of the luxurious suites.

The expansive home was founded by Arthur Hardy, who arrived in Australia from England when he was just 21. He overcame illness to become a grazier on land around the Adelaide foothills, before starting a professional career in politics in law. He was also Australia’s first Grand Master of the Freemasons, and at one point a government minister and a member of the supreme court.

It is hoped that others who stay in the home will find similar success to Arthur Hardy.

Mount Loft House, Adelaide.


Camp Creative

But if you need more than just a quiet room (and a fragrant bath), join in a summer camp for grown-ups in the creative hub of Bellingen at Camp Creative and take the ‘Write your life story’ course.

The summer camp is a creative experience for all ages, where you’ll mix with other creatives who are passionate about expressing themselves. The camp provides tutors who are experts in their fields, to help guide creatives pursue or find a new passion.

The camp is open to all ages, and they encourage people to come with a friend, in a group, or alone – as there’s ample opportunity to meet new friends.

The camps go for one week, running Monday to Friday, and you can choose from half or full-day courses. They’re held at either Bellingen High School or Bellingen Primary School.

Bonus: if you don’t want to spend too much of that inevitable author’s advance on your future best-seller, there’s camping available at the local showground from a very eloquent $10 a night.

Take part in the ‘Write your life story’ course at Camp Creative, Bellingen.

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