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Australian Traveller Media

Australian Traveller Media’s vision is “A world where every journey is a great one“.

Our mission is “To connect people to their incredible experiences“.

Australian Traveller, a background

Australian Traveller was launched in 2005 to cater to an untapped and under-serviced market: the domestic traveller. More than 70% of the money spent on tourism in Australia is spent by an Australian.

Until this time travel publishers had focused predominantly on overseas travel with only a small proportion of content focussed on domestic travel. Australian Traveller fills that void by providing high quality information and inspiration for every Australian that wants to get out there and explore their own backyard.

Our philosophy is simple: provide readers with a high-quality, inspirational and informative magazine that enhances their travel whilst providing advertisers with a focused, highly engaged domestic travel audience. We believe that it’s important for domestic operators to have a domestic travel environment within which to advertise. Asking domestic operators to advertise in a medium that dedicates 80% percent of its content to international destinations seems disingenuous.

Our success

Australian Traveller is Australia’s biggest selling travel magazine.
Australian Traveller was the 2014 Niche Magazine of the Year winner.
Australian Traveller was a finalist for 2014 Editor of the Year and 2014 Magazine of the Year.
Australian Traveller is the only travel magazine stocked by Coles and Woolworths.

For further information on advertising rates, features, readership, distribution and other key statistics please download our digital media kit here and our print media kit here.

please download our media kit here.

International Traveller

In 2012 the company launched a second publication, International Traveller magazine with the same goals as Australian Traveller: to be the most authoritative, accessible, informative and entertaining source for any International Traveller. For further information on our sister publication please visit