From incredible sculptures to swimming with seals, sharks and tuna. This is Australian Traveller’s list of 100 Great Things To Do In Australia You’ve Never Heard Of 

Overwhelming feedback from our seminal 100 Things To Do In Australia Before You Die led us to think we’d missed something: sure, we had all the big icons covered, but what about the underrated and unknown?

These are the experiences we as Australians value and love about this amazing, sometimes bizarre, continent. We figured we’re always coming across something fascinating we’ve never heard of before, why not share it with the world?

Once again our esteemed panellists got right into the spirit of the exercise, plucking the best and brightest from an original list of hundreds and hundreds of great nominations from around the country. They deserve our hearty thanks, because by its very nature this was a far trickier task than identifying Australia’s major icons, since no one panellist had heard of even a fraction of the attractions offered. But if it sounded intriguing and their reactions led them to exclaim, “now that I’d like to see,” then there was a fair chance that you, the reader, would agree.

The result is a fun, fascinating, wonderful eye-opener of a bible to some of the historic, mythic, incredible hidden corners of Australia.

As always, please send us any Great Things you think we’ve missed.

See you out there,

The Australian Traveller Team


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001 Explore Kakadu’s little brother Litchfield


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002 Be cast for eternity onto salty Lake Ballard

003 Swim with wild seals at Baird Bay

004 Go on holiday save 100 lives at Mapoon

005 Reach the oasis of Ormiston Gorge

006 Visit the other remarkable pebble Mount Augustus

007 Open a half-million-year-old treasure chest Naracoorte Caves

008 Visit one of the world’s oldest art galleries Carnarvon Gorge

009 Go swimming with tuna at Port Lincoln

010 Hear a great set of pipes at the Undara Lava Tubes

011 Walk to Art in Melbourne

012 Stay the night in a light on Montague Island

013 Lose yourself in the bluest lagoon at Fitzroy Reef

014 Call the birds in on towering Mount Gower

015 Take a vow of silence in New Norcia

016 Be among the first to paint the hills in outback SA

017 Celebrate Australian biodiversity at Australian Garden 018 Adrift on a Dead Sea at the Pool of Siloam

019 Rent your own island in the Mackerel Islands

020 Get dragged around with Sydney by Diva

021 Look! Up in the sky! It’s your round! Flying Pub Crawl

022 Bathe in convict history at the Bogey Hole

023 Live the life of a keeper on Gabo Island

024 See Sydney from a VERY different angle

025 Paddle under a convict prison in Fremantle

026 Play catch with sharks on the Undersea Explorer

027 Lose your blues at Greens Pool

028 Be a postman for a day on the Outback Mail Run

029 Take the longest sheer plunge down Wallaman Falls 030 Stay at Kangaroo’s lighthouse trinity

031 Dive into the world’s purest cleanest water Mount Gambier

032 See the world at 300m per second in a Mig Jet

033 Gain some extremely remote access at Garig Ganuk Barlu

034 Find food for your soul at Flames of the Forest

035 Stride among the city of Gnomes

036 Watch over Australia’s moodiest lake Blue Lake

037 The Sound of Music at Mount Scoria

038 See blind shrimps and a million stars at Cutta Cutta Caves

039 Fly to the ancient source of Australian art

040 Visit our most haunted house Monte Cristo Homestead

041 See the other side of the rainbow Rainbow Serpent Tour

042 Twitter with the Twitchers at Coffs Coast

043 Stroll along the seabed with Seawalker

044 Find a home among the Banksias

045 Bathe in a boiling outback lake at Dalhousie Springs

046 Spot Australia’s oldest graffiti on Chambers Pillar

047 Get on your soapbox Australian Billy Cart Champs

048 Travel in a clattering time machine the Afghan Express

049 Take tea with the Morning Tea Ladies on Tiwi Island

050 Go French for a hidden tourism gem French Island 


051 Go to sea in a tinnie at the Beer Can Regatta

052 Hold your breath for the dive of the century Fish Rock Cave

053 Fly in raft out on the North Johnstone River

054 Run with white lions in Mogo Zoo

055 Win your wife’s weight in beer Wife Carrying Champs

056 Don’t fence me in at Cameron’s Corner

057 Watch spawning cuttlefish off Whyalla

058 Proclaim yourself King for the night Kings Plains Castle

059 Walk through untouched lands Kakadu Hawk Dreaming

060 Visit an outback slice of the ’50s at Bells Milk Bar

061 Imagine the land before maps on the Great North Road

062 Catch your own seafood platter at Black Point

063 Prepare to circle the wagons in Bendigo

064 Hop on Tasmania’s newest ride Piners and Miners Tour

065 Play polo in Banjo country at the Geebung Polo Match

066 Make your own wine at Penfolds

067 Tinker with Tilba Tilba’s trinkets

068 Walk among the dolomites in the Hastings Caves

069 Make like Moses at Burning Mountain

070 Go deep underground with Douggie’s Mine Tours

071 Boogie-woogie on rails in the Blues Train

072 Rent your own cave in the Upper Blue Mountains

073 Visit Australia’s unknown Grand Canyon Capertee Valley

074 Share your secrets with the Whispering Wall

075 Find your way among the roses at Ashcombe

076 Bomb the Perry Sandhills on the banks of the Murray

077 Have the perfect family day at Parsley Bay

078 Stumble across Beautiful Betsy

079 Crawl through a goldmine at Arltunga

080 See the giant water babies at Point Ann

081 Crawl through a convict tunnel in Clarence

082 Visit a country within a country Principality of Hutt River

083 Back your favourite cane toad on Magnetic Island

084 Twirl a brolly from a previous century Old Umbrella Shop

085 Delve into your immigrant past at the National Archives

086 Visit Hans Heysen’s home among the gumtrees

087 Spot Australia’s rarest mammal at Two Peoples Bay

088 Dive into surfing heartland’s Blue Pool

089 See the walls come alive at Kurri Kurri

090 See the world’s largest acrylic painting at Broken Hill

091 Sail the postman’s run up the Hawkesbury

092 Join the outback pest war against the Yellow Crazy Ants

093 Roll with the pumpkins at Goomeri

094 Wander through the scarecrows in the vineyard

95 Step through the looking glass National Art Glass Gallery

096 Get the best coffee in the galaxy at Tidbinbilla

097 Ride fly eat and learn on the Flying Camel Tour

098 Pay your respects to Tom Roberts’ Big Picture

099 Drink the world’s most expensive coffee

100 Set your spider senses tingling at Australia’s Venom Zoo

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