Formula 1 driver Mark Webber on his favourite Australian travel.

WHAT: F1 driver and founder of the Mark Webber Pure Tasmania Challenge to raise funds for cancer charities.
WHERE: Born in Queanbeyan, NSW, now living in Buckinghamshire, England.
WHY: Who better for a Great Driving Issue? Also, he flies about 75 times a year for races and testing. We’d call that experienced.


The Australian place every Aussie must see?
Strahan on Tasmania’s west coast. It’s really idyllic.

Favourite Bolthole?

Favourite Australian hotel?
Freycinet Lodge, Coles Bay, Tasmania.

Away four nights: how many pairs of smalls?
Smalls? Who needs smalls?! (Seriously though – four, I reckon.)

Favourite piece of luggage?
I usually get away with just a backpack (see previous answer).


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Can’t leave home without?
My mobile.

Most common thing left at home?
My mobile.

Malcolm Fraser Moment?
In China I’d checked into four different hotels in as many nights. On the last morning I was returning to my room after going to the gym. My key wouldn’t work, so after convincing reception they came and swapped my key. I went in and got ready to have a shower and a shave (so was stripped off). I noticed the room looked very tidy, which was a bit unusual. Then it dawned on me it wasn’t my room at all. So of course I had the wrong key again . . .

Mini bar: raid, replace or don’t touch?
Raid. Definitely raid.

Worst flight?
Flying in a helicopter in bad weather when the door blew open!

Worst person ever seated next to?
Crying babies on long-haul flights . . . aargh!

You wish you could sit next to?