Probably one of the most iconic of its kind in the world, the ocean pool at Bondi Icebergs draws stalwarts who swim day in, day out, all year round (the name gives you an indication of the water temp during the cooler months). But there are many other ocean pools, mostly dotted along the NSW coast, to discover – perfect for those who want to churn out some laps without battling the tides, yet still emerge with that unmistakeable zing you can only get from salt water. There’s something beautifully relaxed about them, too – none of the cross-lane elbow aggression commonly found at Olympic pools.

To savour the beauty of your chosen ocean pool, turn up early in the morning, swim til your heart’s content, then get out and lie on the sun-warmed rocks to catch your breath. Invigorating and relaxing – what more could you ask for? Some ocean pools – especially those without lanes – are also great for kids to paddle safely without contending with waves and currents.

A few particularly gorgeous examples include The Rock Pool at Yamba, the Blue Pool at Bermagui, Newcastle’s Mereweather ocean baths, Avalon’s rock pool, Fairlight beach pool and Wylies Baths at Coogee.

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