Located 19 kilometres off the coast of Western Australia, Rottnest Island is just 25 minutes from the city of Perth, yet feels a million miles from everything.

Rediscover life’s simple pleasures as you follow a sandy track, run barefoot through the waves or encounter intriguing wildlife along the Wadjemup Bidi, a series of picturesque walking trails.

An A-Class Nature Reserve surrounded by sparkling Indian Ocean, Rottnest is home to 63 secluded beaches and 20 bays. You’ll also meet our friendly resident quokkas, the cute marsupials that the island is world-famous for.

Relax on the beach, snorkel among vibrant coral reefs and shipwrecks, fish for delicious seafood, climb a lighthouse, and soak up the sunshine during a game of mini golf. Rottnest Island is essentially a car-free zone, with bicycles the most common mode of transport – perfect for families wanting to stay active and get back to nature.

So, what are the big draw cards for Rottnest Island?

1: Quokkas

These furry, friendly creatures are becoming the postcard for Australian travel on the west coast. Free to run around Rottnest Island, travellers and celebrities have made it their mission to score a selfie with the beautiful creatures. Margot Robbie included.

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Mainly nocturnal, they can be hard to spot during the day, but if you are lucky enough to catch a glimpse during the day, no doubt he’ll have a huge smile across his adorable face.

2: Rottnest Island Picture Hall

On a rare rainy day – there’s no better option than catching a flick at the retro Rottnest Island Picture Hall. Showing the latest blockbuster movies, the hall has an old time sense about it, and will most likely take you back to a simpler time in your youth. Oh, to reminisce.

3: Sub sea explorer tours

To see Rottnest Island beneath the surface, there’s no better way than via Western Australia’s famous custom-built semi-submersible vessel. Showcasing the marine life and coral formations that now call Rottnest home, explorers can also view ship wrecks of the Denton Holme (1890) and SS Macedon (1883) that lay on Kingston Reef.

Parents can also feel good about bringing the kids on board, as the tour is an educational experience, with commentary on ocean currents, marine life and ship wrecks, courtesy of the on board marine biologist.

4: The waves

For those who like to hang ten, Rottnest has multiple surfing spots to bring your board.  In fact, one of the popular spots – Strickland Bay – has been ranked in the top 50 breaks in the world. Interestingly, the breaks at Rottnest surf spots such as Strickland, Salmon and Stark Bay, can bring waves two to three feet bigger than those at Perth beaches.

5: Rottnest Bakery

In the same vein as the Rottnest Island Picture Hall, is the Rottnest Bakery. Delivering delicious fare with an old time feel, you can wrap your lips around a cream doughnut or indulge in some delicious jam. For the more modern foodies, you can pick up an organic meat pie – or some fresh gelati with an afternoon coffee.

For more information visit rottnestisland.com or call 08 9432 9300