Enjoy a living history lesson while tasting, touching and enjoying modern Aboriginal culture on these Indigenous holiday tours (part of Australia’s 16 Ultimate Escapes)

Spear your own lunch at Kooljaman

Staying at Kooljaman (Cape Leveque) Camp, located on The Kimberley’s stunningly colourful Dampier Peninsula, you can spear crustaceans, set fish traps, and gain an insight into bush medicine on intimate cultural tours with the Bardi community. Even start from scratch by making your own spear. See: Ultimate Escapes: The Kimberley

Blue Mountains walkabout

Follow the spiritual journey of the Aboriginal rites of passage with a member of the local Darug tribe in Sydney’s Blue Mountains playground. With Blue Mountains Walkabout you’ll visit ceremonial sites, listen to Dreamtime stories and eat some bush tucker on a 3.5km shaded mountain trek. See more: Ultimate Escapes: Greater Blue Mountains

Arnhemland rock art & wildlife extravaganza

Tour and stay in some of the most wild (and restricted) areas of Australia at Davidson’s Arnhemland Safari Lodge, set on 700 square kilometres of sacred earth. Centred on Mt Borradaile sacred site, in the northwest corner of Arnhemland, culturally sensitive tours take you to unmissable rock art; the paintings depicting the first contact between Aboriginal people and Europeans. Bird lovers are in their element too, especially in the wet season. See more: Ultimate Escapes: Timeless North

High Country caves and culture

Led by local Aboriginal discovery rangers, the one-hour Yarrangobilly Caves tour reveals candid insights into how the Wolgalu people lived in the Koscuiszko National Park. Kids will love the hands-on nature of this tour with an opportunity to hurl a boomerang and try out other traditional techniques such as weaving. See more: Ultimate Escapes: Australian Alps

Taste real bush food in Margaret River

On Wardandi man Josh Whiteland Aboriginal Food, Culture, Cave & Didge Tour (Koomal Dreaming) at Yallingup, near Margaret River, you’ll enjoy a bushwalk with a difference as he shares his insights into traditional plants and bush foods like emu plum and salt bush. Sample some yourself, listen to a didgeridoo performance and then journey into the Ngilgi Cave to hear Dreamtime legends. See more: Ultimate Escapes: Western Australia’s Great South West Edge


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