A stay at the Hydro Majestic Blue Mountains is one for the books

Megan Arkinstall is a freelance travel writer who you’ll often find at the beach, bushwalking or boating with her young family. She loves reliving travel memories through writing, whether that be sipping limoncello in a sun-drenched courtyard of Monterosso or swimming with green turtles in the aquamarine waters of Tropical North Queensland.

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Comments (3)
  • karel cermak says:

    Totally disapointed. High tea low quality. You can get better scones of the shelve at Coles or Woolworth We do not know where is the atmosphere of the Majestic before “reconstruction Service is almost non existent

  • Bernard J Parsons says:

    Excellent review. Honest, no frills, no euphemisms. Thankyou

  • Ellen says:

    I stayed there in the early 70s.
    At that time it was grand.
    Had a ballroom, the food was wonderful, and it had an old world elegance.
    It had an outdoor heated pool, and an indoor gym.
    Thoroughly enjoyed my stay there at that time.