The seventh of our top ten Australian day walks, Bishop & Clerk pinnacles are the highlight of Maria Island on two feet and a hear beat.

Even early convicts took wry note of Maria Island’s beauty, with one prisoner describing it as a gaol in one of the loveliest spots formed by the hand of nature.

What they mostly saw from the Darlington penitentiary were the dolerite towers of Bishop and Clerk, rising like a horn from Maria’s north coast.

The walk to these pinnacles begins in Darlington, rounding the Fossil Cliffs before beginning up the slopes of Bishop and Clerk.

Nearing the top, there’s a section of loose scree to pick through, and a final, testing scramble onto the summit itself.



A short ferry ride from Triabunna, 90km east of Hobart. 

WHY //

For the intriguing blend of prehistory and colonial history as you scale the sort of dolerite columns that define so much of the Tasmanian landscape. 


Fossil Cliffs, with its millions of fossilised shellfish. 




The scree and scramble near the summit require sure footing and a head for heights, while the 500m climb demands at least reasonable fitness.



Maria Island NP


Australian Traveller Magazines Top 10 Day Walks You Can Do In A Day.



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