The Pensione Melbourne is a funny place. And we think it will disappoint some people, but keep others perfectly happy. And there is a very good reason why we make such a contradictory assertion.

Rooms at the Pensione are small. Very very small.

On the plus side the rooms are well presented, and reasonably new. The hotel underwent a substantial refurbishment a couple of years ago. This means great looking images online for you our humble readers.

But it doesn’t give you any concept of scale. Or my precisely a lack of scale. Because the rooms at the Pensione are small. Impossibly small.

And cheap.

You get what you pay for with the Pensione in Melbourne. And in this case it isn’t a huge chunk of change. You should be able to book a room online for around $110 a night or so. Melbourne is very much an “event” city (in the sense that they host a reasonable number of large scale events each year such as the F1, Australian Open etc). This means that rates will bounce around with all Melbourne hotels. However you can expect the Pensione Melbourne to be cheap, well located and small.

And it’s the size that is the catch. The rooms are clean, and each room is blessed with an obligatory flatscreen TV. The bathrooms are only just functional. They are glorified cupboards and in some rooms, and on some occasions, those bathrooms are so small that when you are sitting on the toilet your knees are underneath the vanity basin!

But we stay there. We stay there a lot. Because often a trip to Melbourne for us is a business trip. And at the end of the day all we want is a comfortable bed and a good nights sleep. And for that the Pesnione Melbourne often suits us just fine.

Who Is It For?

This hotel is for anyone who is watching their budget, and want something that is clean, well appointed and very well priced. It is ideal for singles looking for a base that they can crash in when visiting Melbourne.