Restaurant, Terrace On Pitwater


The Terrace on Pittwater Restaurant,
Newport Arms Hotel, Newport, NSW
(02) 9997 4900,

AT prize winner Winston Gregory reports in on his big night out.

How is it possible to narrow your choice to one particular wine when there’s a range of 250 varieties on offer? At The Terrace on Pittwater we settled for a Mt Adams Shiraz from the Barossa Valley for him and a Montana Sauvignon Blanc for her.

Thanks to The Terrace and Australian Traveller, we enjoyed the unhurried and non-intrusive efficiency provided by the staff of this fabulous restaurant. We were particularly impressed not only with the food, when it arrived, but the generous size of the dining area. The tables were a decent size and there was lots of room between them, so that you weren’t forced to hear other people’s conversation and vice versa. Also, the staff was able to move freely between the tables without disturbing diners.

The menu is quite extensive and expensive (especially for those mere mortals not used to Sydney prices) but as we were there courtesy of our generous prize-givers we went “all out” and ordered the seafood platter for two. The platter, which was presented on a two huge, white, china dishes (one for hot and one for cold) and placed onto a double-tiered rack, looked like a work of art and tasted great. The selection of seafood was also decently sized (which we believe is something to be thankful for in Sydney).

My wife and I were able to delight the staff (especially the chef) by eating everything on the platter before retiring for the night to the basic but comfortable room we’d booked into upstairs, a very historic and well cared for local icon. A very enjoyable and much appreciated experience.


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