Where is it? Cairns, Qld, to Broome, WA.

It’s the ultimate Aussie road trip at 3699km long. The 14-day trip (you can do it in less, but why would you?) will take you through 15 National Parks, five World Heritage areas and some of the most remote spots in Australia.
“This is truly for the gutsy adventurer, but if you’re up for lying in your swag along the banks of a river with croc slide marks nearby the next morning, you’ll never forget this extraordinary experience.”  Catriona Rowntree
Stop along the way to go Barramundi fishing, and to take that cheesy tourist photo with one foot in each state. Drivers are warned: this is not a trip for the faint-hearted.  The roads are unpredictable and go from bitumen to gravel to dirt. If you’ve never taken your 4WD anywhere wilder than the local shopping centre car park, now’s your chance.
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