Where is it? All over outback Australia.

If you’ve ever had a hankering to wear an Akubra and get your jeans dusty, you really should make time to visit an outback cattle station. This is where fortunes have been made and lost, and where hard work really is hard. Cattle stations abound in the outback, where you can get up at the crack of dawn and return home at sunset, having done a full day’s yakka. Everyone appreciates a helping hand, so if you feel like a working holiday could do you some good, see below for the Willing Workers on Organic Farms website.
Alternatively, if you want to know what an outback cattle stay is like without the calluses, check out Kilcowera Station, 1000km west of Brisbane on the Dowling Track, Qld. Stay in a rudimentary room in the old Shearer’s quarters or stay in a bush camp and enjoy the wildlife and wildflowers. It’s open from March through to October. For a luxury stay, head to Angorichina Station in the Flinders, SA.
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