Where is it? A patch of semi-arid country leading inland from The Great Australian Bight in south-eastern WA and south-western SA

 You might think that driving along a flat, straight road for four days doesn’t sound very exciting, especially when you can fly through it overnight by train, but it’s something every Australian traveller should consider in their lifetime. Nullarbor “no trees” Plain is just like what most people think the entire interior of our country is like before they’ve actually been out there and experienced its diversity. The former ancient sea bed is pretty flat with low scrub for the most part and you certainly won’t get lost on the straight road – but it’s hardly a Sunday drive. You’re tracing a path across very, very, very big empty space, and the wildlife doesn’t know to stay off the road (watch for kangaroos, dingoes and even camels). Weather watchers will love it, too, as you can watch it closing in.
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