Everything you need to know about Crown Australia, from the staff at Australian Traveller Magazine.

Melbourne is home to the biblically large Crown Casino and the several buildings in the complex that serve as accommodation, the signature property being what is arguably Melbourne’s best hotel, Crown Towers.

But first, a word on the Casino itself.

The complex is located on Southbank, a once largely industrial area of Melbourne that was heavily gentrified in the 1990’s. The Crown complex today is the anchor tenant of the entire eastern bank of the river. And the place is huge. Biblically, Las Vegas huge. The entire complex is 510,000 m2 and that for us simpletons is wait for it…..

126 acres.

That’s right. Acres.

Or about 250 football fields…….

The place is the largest Casino in the southern hemisphere and one of the largest in the world.

And it’s where Bogans come to party. Every Friday and Saturday nights the Casino Complex is packed with people having a night out in something that resembles a huge mall.  But in this case, big is beautiful, the actual accommodation is far enough removed that the bogans do not disturb.

There is a multitude of dining options available in the complex. The southern end of the complex houses the cheapest  and most likely over run by bogans dining options. There is an open food court and a pizza place called Automatic. (tip: If you are hankering after a Pizza on a Monday they do a great 50% off on Mondays and $20 will get two people a long way).

As you head north along the concourse the shops and restaurants will get more and more expensive. At the end of the concourse is Versace and next to it Neil Perry’s Melbourne steakhouse… or Brahimi Guillame’s French Resaturant

After that is a set of glass doors that take you into Crown Towers. Melbourne’s most expensive hotel. However there are in fact three separate accommodation options at Crown. All of which are well removed from the Casino are itself.

Crown Towers:
Crown Towers is in fact one tower and the centrepiece of Crown’s lavishness. The foyer is dark and massively imposing. With huge ceilings and a hushed, rareified air, it screams expensive. And it is. You will pay around $400 a night for the most basic of rooms in Crown Towers if you book online and get a good deal. But they are worth it . Massive affairs with marble bathrooms, bathrubs, infinitely soft and comfy robes and a huge space.

Crown Promenade:
This is Crown Towers larger, more utilitarian cousin. On it’s own it’s a fine hotel. But not outstanding. The hotel has more of a “get out my way we are putting on a pharmacy conference” sort of feel to it. And that is a shame. No matter what this hotel does, it will always be overshadowed by Crown Towers. You should be able to get a room for around $250 a night at Crown Promenade.

Crown Metropol:
Cheerfully described as Australia’s largest boutique hotel, Crown Metropole is a sprawling 465 room hotel at the southern end of the Casino complex. It is a remarkably well designed hotel, and perfectly away from the bustle. It only opened in 2010 so it has a “new” feel to it. The rooms are very well designed, Read our review of the Crown Metropole. It will cost around $250 – $300 for a night at Metropole, and in our opinion is the best value of the three hotels. Here is our full review 

Tips For Staying At Crown:
Make sure you ask about getting access to the Crystal Club if you are staying at Crown Towers or access to “28” if you are staying at the Crown Metropole.