Experience No.042 in Australian Traveller’s 100 Greatest Australian Gourmet Experiences
If you’re in Sydney and after seafood, look no further than Rockpool.

Changing seasonally, the four- and eight-course degustation meals at Rockpool peruse Australia’s coastal waters.

The city’s first taste of heavyweight chef Neil Perry sits in a Heritage-listed sandstone building in The Rocks. Shuffling through name changes and the shock of sibling competition (see No. 24 Rockpool Bar and Grill and No. 35 Spice Temple on this list), Rockpool is finally sure of itself. After 20 years on the scene, the space has returned to its refined roots. The white tablecloths are back and the service impeccable.

Changing seasonally, the four- and eight-course degustation meals peruse Australia’s coastal waters. Try WA marron with three-bean salad, grilled Hervey Bay scallops and the unmatched Southern Blue Fin tuna. Pork belly, wagyu sirloin and lamb make comforting, conventional appearances too but seafood is clearly the star of the show.

Rockpool also has a great chef’s table experience that allows up to 14 guests a birds’ eye view of the chaotic dance of a busy, modern kitchen.

Long heralded as Sydney’s special-occasion destination, Rockpool is beloved by our judging panellists too; Alla Wolf-Tasker wants to know where the two-hatted hotspot’s third hat has gone.

Did you know: Neil Perry has long campaigned for the humane treatment of seafood; he’s a fan of line caught wild harvesting.

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