Rainbow Bay, the pot at the end of the less-developed Gold Coast, is number 91 on Australian Traveller’s ‘100 amazing places you haven’t been to yet‘.

Nominated by: Li Cunxin, dancer for Queensland Ballet.

Stop thinking of Surfers Paradise and the Gold Coast as interchangeable, says Li Cunxin: Rainbow Bay might be part of the world-famous shoreline, but it’s “beautiful, less developed and very family-friendly,” he says.

His ultimate day here starts with a walk along Rainbow Bay (possibly stopping to watch the pros surf nearby favourite, Snapper Rocks), then having a coffee at Café DBar – “fabulous views and nice coffee; homemade muffins to die for,” he says.

Next is a swim, or watching kids playing cricket on the beach, followed by a movie at Coolangatta Cinemas, where they bring your latte “straight to your seat” (!), before you farewell the day with a sunset drink at Rainbow Bay Surf Club.

After a lazy dip in the pretty rockpools, we’d advise.


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