Where is it? Slap-bang in the dead centre of the country, crossing the borders of Qld, SA and NT.

It’s one of the most isolated regions on the planet and home to wave upon wave of rippled sand dunes – over 1100 of them, in fact, if you drive the French Line from Birdsville to Dalhousie.

“Of all the outback tracks this is the one I’ve enjoyed most.”  Tony Wheeler

It’s a grueling but incredibly rewarding 400km single-lane 4WD route with a rollercoaster of dunes, first charted by French geological surveyors in the 1960s. The climate is harsh as it is the driest region in Australia, but if that doesn’t put you off you can always leave your vehicle in Birdsville and tackle the desert by camel train. Or if you’d like to experience one without committing to the entire trip, you can encounter Big Red, the first and highest of the dunes, which can be found 35km west of Birdsville.

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