It’s said that 52 languages are spoken around Broome – which translates to a lot of different flavours in its restaurants and cafes. We asked Paul Coggan, general manager of local accommodation secret The Pearle, for the best local eats. He didn’t disappoint:

The Mango Place

At first, it doesn’t look like much – a ramshackle collection of plastic chairs and wooden tables in the red dirt, beneath a canopy of fringed palms and multicoloured lanterns – but this mango farm (which makes its own mango wine, port, jam and more) does the best wood fired pizza in Broome, or just outside of it. To get to the Mango Place, drive north from Broome towards Derby, until you come to a sign called ‘12 Mile’ – it’s a satellite suburb 12 miles north of Broome.

The Thai Tea House

It’s a real treat to be able to venture just out of town to 12 Mile, and during the dry season there is another really laidback venue here that does ‘real’ Thai food – Thai Tea House. It’s not something a lot of visitors know about, but the locals certainly do. Highly recommend.

Little Indian Restaurant

This is new kid on the Broome block and it’s quickly becoming a regular for the locals – the food is absolutely phenomenal.

Cafe D’Amore

This place is in the unlikeliest of places: hidden behind a carpark in residential zoning. But it’s definitely a secret that needs to be shared: they do fantastic homemade pastas in a romantic outdoor setting, underneath a cluster of palms. More info: Cafe D’Amore

Azuki Japanese Fusion

It’s not really visible from the street, but it has a really vibrant atmosphere, and if you’re craving truly fresh seafood, this is the place to go. Local tip: it’s BYO!

Town Beach Café

This café is out on its own at Town Beach, so if you were staying at Cable Beach you’d miss it. But it has a beautiful ambience, an amazing beach view and great coffee. You can’t go past it for breaky.

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